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About LIfT Biosciences

LIfT Biosciences is preclinical biotech developing an innate allogeneic first-in-class neutrophil based cell therapy platform called N-LIfT (Neutrophil based Leukocyte Infusion Therapy).

Our mission is to bring affordable curative cell therapies to patients with solid tumours with high unmet medical need. our vision is to develop a new type of adaptable cell therapy with a broad killing mechanism that continues to kill even as the tumour adapts.

LIfT has six comprehensive worldwide patents across sourcing, selecting and producing Immunomodulatory Alpha Neutrophils, and covering their product composition.

LIfT is the only biotech company in the world with a Neutrophil Based Cell Therapy Platform (N-LIfT).

The N-LIfT platform is flexible & unique which enables us to produce different types of Immuno-Modulatory Alpha Neutrophils (IMANs) for a wide range of different purposes.

LIfT Platform 2.png

Alex Blyth's mother and daughter playing shortly before his mother died of pancreatic cancer, which compelled him to develop a new type of cancer therapy.  

“Targeted therapies often fail because tumours adapt, and they don’t. We are developing N-LIfT to destroy all solid tumours irrespective of where the tumour is or how it adapts. So there will be no escape. That is why N-LIfT is different!”

Alex Blyth CEO

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