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Are you someone who wants to use their specialised skills to help humanity and fight our battle against cancer?

LIfT Biosciences vision is to develop the world’s first cell bank of mass produced ‘cancer killing neutrophils’ to deliver a portfolio of immuno-oncology cell therapies for delivering complete remission in all solid tumours. This vision is quickly coming to fruition. We are making history and we are always seeking brilliant post-doc Immunologists & Cell Biologists with inquisitive minds and the ability to get things done fast.


Applicants must be a self-starters and inventive problem solvers. Must have experience in stem cell expansion and differentiation and in using novel cell based assays. Ideally, applicants will also have experience in innate immune cells in murine models.

We are also interested in people with backgrounds in finance, operations and business development backgrounds who understand how to run pre-clinical biotech companies, and who are ideally well connected. 

Applicants must have a passion for curing cancer and recognise the need to do things differently. 

Please email your CV to

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