LIfT’s Technology –

Allogeneic Innate Cell Therapy

N-LIfT is classified as an allogeneic ATMP, in which neutrophils derived from stem cells, originating from a single donor can provide treatments to a large number of patients. Allogeneic therapies are “off the shelf”, a more practical solution that can be administered to any patient upon diagnosis, rather than having to wait precious weeks to harvest and manufacture cells for each individual patient. LIfT is attempting to overcome limitations, such as those experienced in autologous therapies.


Donor screening and testing is needed to establish donor’s infectious status, genetic predisposition to pertinent diseases and susceptibility to cancer. Furthermore, only donors who demonstrate having neutrophils with N1a characteristics are invited back for G-CSF mobilised leukapheresis. These leukapheresis products are haematopoietic stem cell (HSC) rich that gives a better starting cell number for HSC selection and expansion. N1a neutrophils are derived from these donor stem cells in large-scale using LIfT’s proprietary manufacturing platform. The product N-LIfT is harvested, cryopreserved and stored in LIfT Biosciences cell bank to be shipped to patients in designated hospitals.