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LIfT Biosciences is a Biotech bringing to market a 1st in class allogeneic innate cell therapy called Neutrophil based Leukocyte Infusion Therapy (N-LIfT). N-LIfT has the game-changing potential to destroy all solid tumours irrespective of mutation or strain. N-LIfT uses a special type of N1a neutrophil with special cancer killing and immune recruitment capabilities. Our vision is to develop the world’s first cell bank of mass produced ‘cancer killing neutrophils’ to deliver a portfolio of immuno-oncology cell therapies for delivering complete remission in all solid tumours. Our £20m Series A in 2020 will fund our manufacture scale-up and phase I/II orphan PoC trial is in some of the most challenging solid tumours e.g. Pancreatic (PDAC), Liver (HCC) and Lung (NSCLC).


LIfT BioSciences N-LIfT therapy platform is an off-the-shelf allogeneic patented product that we mass produce from exceptional stem cells from donors with exceptional immunity. LIfT BioSciences are the industry leaders in neutrophil ATMPs (currently only), the team is made-up of combination of experienced industry leaders and the leading experts, such as Professor Zheng Cui of Wake Forrest University. LIfT has already proven to be 100% curative in mice and with promising human data in an FDA approved safety trial showingupto 80% tumour necrosis in a mix of late stage carcinoma patients even at low dose. 

We are currently completing pre-clinical work before running our first in-human clinical trial. The aim is to demonstrate remission in high unmet need solid tumours by 2022, including Pancreatic Cancer.  

Due to the sensitivity of our work and the IP required to successfully bring this therapy to market we are unable to disclose more at present. If you would like to find out more, or if you would be interested in investing please Contact Us

The video below shows LIfT in action killing Cervical Cancer Cells:


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