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Neutrophils are the crucial mediators of innate immunity, and the first line of defence against invading microorganisms and threats like cancerous cells, capable of mobilizing innate and adaptive responses to return to homeostasis.

IMANs are able to recruit an army of immune cells to overcome the challenges of achieving sustained remission in solid tumours:

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At LIfT Biosciences, we are producing a unique type of innate immune cell called Immunomodulatory Alpha Neutrophils (IMAN) that work completely differently to the defective neutrophils cancer patients typically have suffered from. IMANs exhibit a dual mode of action that enables them to be exceptionally cytotoxic both directly and also by recruiting the rest of the immune system to destroy solid tumours. LIfT's extensive patents mean that it is the only company in the world with a neutrophil-based cell therapy platform.

How LIfT's IMAN's destroy cancer cells
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How LIfT's IMAN's destroy cancer cells

IMANs have the potential to overcome hurdles encountered by other cell therapies in the treatment of solid tumours.

IMAN Core Benefits:


Innate antigen-independent mechanism-of-action that destroys tumour escape variants.

No tumour escape


Orchestrates the patients own immune cells to attack the tumour, activating T-cells and NK cells alike.



Actively recruited into the tumour. Capable of passing through the TME, stroma and the extra-cellular matrix.

Infiltrates any Tumor


Stable and capable of overcoming immunosuppressive tumour microenvironments to turn them against the tumour.

Uninhibited by TME


IMANs last for weeks but the cascade of immune cells they recruit lasts until the tumour threat has been destroyed.

Persisting Immune Response


Off-the-shelf iPSC production that reliably and consistently produces IMANs at relatively low cost.

Low Cost

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