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LIfT BioSciences signals a new dawn in Cancer Therapy at The Prostate Cancer Foundation Retreat

Alex Blyth, CEO of LIfT BioSciences, delivered the closing presentation for The 25th Prostate Cancer Foundation Retreat in Carlsbad, USA to an audience of the world's leading experts and authorities on Prostate Cancer.

The presentation solidified Innate Cell Therapies as the next game changer in the fight against Prostate Cancer and other solid tumours. Strikingly, not a single member of the audience when asked, challenged Alex Blyth's assertion that "the primary reasons most people do not get cancer was not about their adaptive immune system, as the current industry focus in this area might have us believe, but innate immunity".

Alex Blyth commented afterwards that "Challenging the status quo to bring a new consensus of opinion about the causes of solid tumours helps to focus research efforts and investment into those areas most likely to save lives in the future. There is a need to move to innate therapies that have broad rather than targeted MOA's so that they can destroy tumours irrespective of strain or mutation. This is a controversial statement but we believe that we are on the right path and we are encouraging thought leaders to support this."

The Prostate Cancer Foundation's (PCF) 25th Annual Scientific Retreat, uncovered the most compelling and promising new research that may lead to new treatments for men with prostate cancer, much of which was proudly funded by PCF's Research Enterprise. This was also a special year, as PCF celebrated a quarter-century of the tremendous cancer research and treatment progress that has been realized since PCF was founded in 1993, which includes a ~50% reduction in the prostate cancer mortality rate. The event welcomed LIfT BioSciences into the "PCF research family".


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