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LIfT BioSciences Wins the Support of The European Institute for Innovation & Technology

LIfT BioSciences comes first for the UK, and second place in the whole of Europe out of more than 200 companies that qualified for entry into the European Institute for Innovation & Technology (EIT) Accelerator programme across multiple health related industries.

Dr Vance Naughton, Head of Research at LIfT BioSciences Delivers his pitch

“I joined LIfT BioSciences because my grandparents have all been affected by cancer but only one of them is now in the clear.” Dr Vance Naughton, commented. “I am delighted to have won silver on behalf of my team making cancer history with our Neutrophil-Only Leukocyte Infusion Therapy (N-LIfT). We expect N-LIfT to be the first curative ATMP for solid tumours irrespective of mutation or strain.”

Vance joined LIfT BioSciences as a Senior Scientist and has now been promoted to Head of Research. Vance leads the pre-clinical research in our laboratories as well as helping with communicating our research and development progress with investors and the media.

As one of three winners at The EIT Health Summit, LIfT BioSciences now benefits from being a part of the prestigious EIT Accelerator System and the Infrastructure that accompanies that, including being able to access their extensive EU Investor Network as a 'vetted attractive investment opportunity'.


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