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LIfT at The Rejuvenation Summit

LIfT BioSciences presented at Forever Healthy Foundation's Rejuvenation Summit In Berlin.

Alex Blyth, LIfT's CEO, presented on the links between cancer cells and senescent cells, and how both can be treated with their N-LIfT cell therapy platform. The N-LIfT Platform allows LIfT to produce different types of Immuno-Modulatory Alpha Neutrophils for different purposes. LIfT is currently talking to partners about using the platform for not just killing a range of solid tumour types but also for senescent cell killing, anti-microbial resistance and even auto-immune conditions.

Alex Blyth commented that "the potential for the world's first alpha neutrophil based therapy platform is enormous, we are actively looking to partner with companies to help them with their therapy area goals and specific targets".

LIfT's CSO, Dr Oxana Polyakova, joined a panel to discuss the science required for new start-ups to succeed. Oxana commented that "It is helping startups with great potential like LIfT to come to fruition that really gets me excited in science. I experienced this in Gamma Delta Therapeutics and Adaptate, and we are now working hard to get LIfT successfully to patients".

LIfT would like to thank The Forever Healthy Foundation and Kizoo for hosting the event and for the excellent discussion on the future of ageing and age related disease, of which cancer is certainly included.




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