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LIfT BioSciences appoints Dr Bo Rode Hansen and Dr Marco Gottardis to its Board of Directors

London, 21st December 2023 – LIfT BioSciences, (‘LIfT’ or ‘the Company’), a rapidly emerging

biotech company bringing to market a first-in-class allogeneic innate cell therapy, today announces

the appointments of Dr Bo Rode Hansen PhD, MBA and Dr Marco Gottardis, PhD as Non-Executive

Directors of its Board.

Dr Bo Rode Hansen and Dr Marco Gottardis

Bo brings over two decades of transformational leadership experience involving general management,

R&D, BD, financing, IPO and M&A in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. He currently advises

Novo Seeds (Novo Holdings), a life science investment company, and is Founder and Chairman of

Aloop Therapeutics, which focuses on second generation mRNA medicines. He previously served as

the CEO and President of Scandion Oncology A/S, a Danish cancer drug resistance company. Prior to

this, Bo held several leadership positions including CEO & founding president of Genevant Sciences,

GM (CEO) of Roche Innovation Centre Copenhagen and vice-president of Santaris Pharma A/S. He

holds a MSc and PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Copenhagen and an executive MBA from

Henley Business School.

Marco joins the Board with over 38 years of experience working in translational cancer research,

having worked over multiple drug approvals in his career. In 2023, he retired from his role as VP of

Oncology and Innovation at Janssen, prior to which he held the role of Prostate DAS Leader. Before

his time at Janssen, Marco served as Executive Director of Oncology and Immuno-Oncology Research,

and co-leader of the Oncology Discovery Group at Bristol Myers Squibb, where he led multiple

scientific teams covering diverse target areas. Marco holds a PhD from the University of Wisconsin

and a BSc from Columbia University.

Alex Blyth, Chief Executive Officer of LIfT BioSciences commented: “On behalf of the

board, I’m delighted to welcome both Bo and Marco onto our Board of Directors as key hires for

LIfT’s next phase as we move into license deals. Bo is a highly respected bioentrepreneur and driver

of corporate innovation who has successfully taken early-stage companies through to successful

exits. Bo understands how to structure innovative deals with, and in, big pharma to drive successful

outcomes for both parties – having sat both sides of the fence. Marco is a highly respected scientific

leader who has been instrumental in bringing about breakthrough innovation in BMS and JnJ.

Marco knows how to create the scientific case to bring about deals that are transformative for both

entities. Both will prove invaluable in our mission to redefine what is possible across oncology,

immunology, neurology and AMR through our unique Immuno-Modulatory Alpha Neutrophil


Dr Bo Rode Hansen, Non-Executive Director of the Board commented: “I’m pleased to join

LIfT at this pivotal time, as we look to move our allogeneic first-in-class neutrophil-based cell

therapies into clinical development. I look forward to collaborating with Alex and the rest of the


Dr Marco Gottardis, Non-Executive Director of the Board commented: “I’m delighted to be

joining LIfT Biosciences, a company at the forefront of innovative cancer therapies. I look forward

to contributing to the Company's continuously developing ground-breaking research, as we work

towards entering clinical trials with the goal of developing affordable, effective treatments for


About LIfT BioSciences

LIfT BioSciences is a biotech bringing to market a first-in-class alpha neutrophil cell therapy that

overcomes the limitations of current therapies in solid tumours by destroying tumours both directly

and indirectly. LIfT’s Immunomodulatory Alpha Neutrophils (IMANs) turn the tumour

microenvironment against the tumour as they recruit the rest of the immune system to destroy the

tumour to give a durable response and lasting immunity. The patented breakthrough N-LIfT platform

is produced from a patented process using exceptional stem cells (iPSC or HSC), a proprietary

enhancement media and genetic engineering (e.g. CARs). The resulting CAR-IMAN cells give cancer

patients potentially hundreds of times the cancer killing ability they naturally possess.

The company is working with a range of pharmaceutical license partners across oncology,

immunology, neurology and AMR to develop a portfolio of immune-modulatory. LIfT is committed to

delivering complete remission in high unmet need solid tumours before the decade is out. LIfT

BioSciences was founded by Alex Blyth following the death of his mother to pancreatic cancer. See


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